A New Age of Dental Implants
Discover The 7 Implant Secrets Used By Top 1% Practices and DSOs
A 2-Day Course For Implant Efficiency, Implant Products Overhead Reduction, and Top Marketing Strategy Education to Take the Implant Side of Your Practice to the NEXT Level...
Meet Your Instructor
Hi, I am Dr. Michael Sisk, founder of the Pennsylvania Implant Institute. I have built a multiple-location group practice that found a way to meet the needs of our patients. We provide specialty services in our own offices, including implants, and had some challenges along the way.
There had to be a better way to provide dental implant training and lower the barriers of cost and time for the General Dentist. They should also be able to serve all of their patient's needs in their own office.
From this idea, the Pennsylvania Implant Institute was born.
We are taking clinicians who have never placed a single implant to those that are seasoned and want to learn new techniques that will allow them to place more implants and teach others in our courses.
We will bring some of the best clinicians and instructors in the area and region closer to you rather than travel all over the country in search of quality, research-based education. 
We can also arrange for someone to come into your office and provide some "over-the-shoulder" training. We will provide guidance in the best materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to make you more comfortable and profitable. 
You will achieve fulfillment from the greater value you add to the life of your patients, your staff, and practice.
So if you are interested in participating, click below and save your spot at the next event!
- Dr. Michael Sisk
Earn up to 14-CE credits!
Course Description
Much has changed with regard to the clinical placement of implants and implant systems in the last 2 years. This course is designed for both beginners and advanced alike. There is an emphasis on the physical implant products and specific procedures used by the top 1% to drive overhead down, create maximum efficiency and universal compatibility among systems.

Specific procedures pioneered by top DSOs, DDSOs, and implant-geared practices are reviewed, to include a vast increase in implant new patients and overhead reduction. This course is for the dentist who wants to simplify and increase the volume of implant treatment in their practice(s)

As mentioned, Dr. Sisk course has the potential to benefit clinicians of all skill levels from those who have never placed an implant, to those who are seasoned and interested in expanding their techniques. Dr. Sisk will be performing live surgeries on patients and will be instructing throughout each case while you watch.

For those dental implant specialists who are solely interested in our over-the-shoulder training, this program will introduce you to the systems used in the course and you will have insight on efficient ways to mentor. This program was designed to enhance comfort, profitability, and fulfillment as a dentist. If you are interested in participating, click below and save your spot at our next event!

Course Dates 2021


What A Few Recent Attendees Are Saying. . .
"It was refreshing to add new techniques or tweak techniques that I had done in the past."
- Michael Ammons, DDS
"Real hands-on, real practical...I feel like I can go back next week and start doing this..."
- An Le, DDS
"They are doing something above and beyond what the average dentist can do."
- Eric Compton, DDS
"I felt comfortable being able to share...not feel like I was asking dumb questions. 5 Stars!"
- Damon Thompson, DDS
"The institute faculty come from different backgrounds and have been in the trenches placing implants for a long time."
- Michael Dostal, DDS
"Dr. Sisk's course was super! Went above and beyond! Most friendly and accommodating course I have ever been to! I have been to a lot."
- Danielle M., DDS
"The course at Pennsylvania Implant Institute was excellent! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn implants or is now doing implants. Over the shoulder, small group size, and very accomodating group size, and very accomodating atmosphere! Dr. Sisk and his staff made us feel very at home. Five Stars!"
- Scott Musselwhite DDS, MAGD
More Valuable Material Covered
  • Master minimally invasive extraction techniques with 3 unique procedures
  • In-house designing of a custom abutment and immediate provisionalization vs lab
  • Clarifying the decision making on 1-stage vs 2-stage, delayed vs immediate placement, delayed vs immediate loading
  • 3 Techniques used in mastering indirect vs direct sinus lifts, indications for both, introductions to advanced grafting courses, short (8mm) implants, HA coated (iHex Implants)
  • Understanding and mastering procedures using short implants in the Mandibular Posterior due to nerve, considerations
  • Explore most streamlines techniques for the all on 4 hybrid/profile restoration vs. all on 6 Zirconia
  • Understanding the various platforms in implant dentistry: advantages and disadvantages
  • Mastering various bone grafting techniques: socket preservation, horizontal ridge augmentation, vertical ridge augmentation, stem cell ridge widening procedures
  • Key points to clarify the decision whether to graft or not to graft with immediate placement
  • Top techniques related to bone-dependent modified drilling techniques with self-tapping implants
  • Understanding and clarification of insertion torque
  • Mastering patient selection and understanding contraindications
  • Mastering overdentures: surgical and prosthetic considerations, simplified prosthetic nuggets
  • Mastering and understanding narrow diameter implants (NDIs) and the narrow ridge
  • Mastering the simplified understanding of anatomical considerations for implant surgery based on sextants
  • Troubleshooting of Prosthetic and biological implant complications
  • Overview of simplified and efficient fixture level, abutment level; multiple implant impressions; digital impressions
  • Understanding of sub-crestal vs crestal placement of the implant body and how that relates to the implant platform, advantages and disadvantages of each
Here's What You Get When You Register:
  • 2 days of hands-on implant education & training
  • Up to 14 CE credits
  • 3 implants of your choice (provided by iH Biomedical)
  • Breakfast, Lunch (1st day)
  • Breakfast, Lunch (2nd day)
  • Course materials
  • Lifetime access to our "Implant Mastery" online training module access to review the content ($1,950 Value)
All For Only $3900!
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Here's What You Get When You Register:
  • 2 days of hands-on implant education & training
  • 14 CE Credits
  • 5 implants and abutments of your choice
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (1st day)
  • Breakfast, Lunch (2nd day)
  • Course materials
  • Lifetime access to our online training module access to review the content
  • An in office visit where I or my staff will provide feedback and mentoring
All For Only $595!
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